The CABLETOW is the Lodge's monthly newsletter to its members and other interested persons.  Conceived by Past Master Richard E. Thornton Jr. during his year as Senior Deacon in 1987, working with other Masons in the lodge he unveiled the prototype at a stated meeting on October 6, 1987.  Well received by the craftsmen, it was Brother Thornton's desire to start mailing out the first issue in January 1988.

Working out last minute details, Brother Thornton on December 1, 1987 made a motion that the Lodge obtain a post office mailing permit which he followed up on at a cost of one hundred dollars on February 2, 1988 and the first newletter was begun with the March 1988 edition.  Working out of his home, Richard typed up each issue at a cost of around thirty dollars each month.

On June 6, 1989 the first format change of The Cabletow was unveiled upon the change from a two-sided legal plain white page to a yellow pre-printed design carrying over the coiled rope surrounding the outside of the page.  At the monthly meeting of the lodge on this date, Brother Thornton proposed having a local printer produce 5000 sheets of the new design which was continued for the next ten years.  During the latter half of the 1990s, the monthly newsletter was reduced to a few times a year and finally discontinued all together prior to 1998.

The Cabletow was revived by Past Master Larry B. Jung and Charles L. Steen, who have co-wrote each monthly issue commencing with the July 2005 edition.  At the November 8, 2016 stated meeting, Past Master Richard E. Thornton Jr. resumed the production of the Cabletow.  One of his early issue from February 1989 is shown for the interested reader.



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