The Golden Trowel Award was created by the Grand Lodge of Texas to enable subordinate Masonic Lodges the opportunity to honor those brethren who have labored long and hard hours in the local quarries of the respective lodges.  The brethren listed below have been voted by the members of Palestine Lodge for this - "The Highest Honor That a Lodge Can Bestow" in testimony as to their boundless love, dedication and sacrifice of their time and talents to the betterment of their fellow Masons and success of the Lodge.     

                                              The Golden Trowel Award
                                                  Revised January, 2001
                                   From The Grand Lodge Of Texas Web Site

  • · Since its inception the Golden Trowel Award continues to be an exciting means for Lodges to recognize and honor distinguished members with an official award from the Grand Lodge of Texas. It is for use by all Texas Lodges.
  • · The Golden Trowel is the Lodge's formal recognition of a Brother for his devoted service to Masonic principles in general or to his Lodge. It is intended for the Brother who, year after year, quietly, but actively demonstrates his devotion to the teachings of Masonry without thought of recognition or special honors.

  • · Every Lodge has such members. They spread the living cement that builds our Fraternity into a true Brotherhood.

  • You will find them at labor in the kitchens, on the work committees, in public office, on community projects, in service clubs, heavily involved in their church activities and in schools - anywhere that a
    true and steady hand of assistance is needed.
  • · It is to those Master Craftsmen that the Golden Trowel Award is designated as the highest award a
    Lodge can bestow upon an individual member.
  • · This award is not intended to replace or supersede any individual recognition award already
    established by a Lodge. It provides the advantages of a single, official award, which is recognized statewide. 

  • The Texas Masonic Golden Trowel Award 
           How It All Began 
     From The Grand Lodge Of Texas Web Site
    Our Golden Trowel Award originated at a place called “Armadillo Acres” - the get-away home, or country retreat of Past Grand Master Leonard P. Harvey. In the Fall of 1989 while at “Armadillo Acres” for a bit of a breather prior to the upcoming Grand Lodge session, Grand Master Harvey, Deputy Grand Master A.D. Hanna and Grand Senior Warden Fred E. Allen were discussing possible recipients of the prestigious Sam Houston Medal given annually to outstanding Masons. During those discussions, Deputy Grand Master Hanna opined:

    “We are always giving special recognition to brethren on a Grand Lodge level, and I don't understand why
    we can't recognize deserving guys at the lodge level.” He mentioned that in nearly every lodge there are
    the rather obscure brothers who day in and day out do the “little things” for Masonry and for his lodge, and
    he does those things without expectation of reward or recognition. He went on to say those are the
    brethren who work in the kitchen, sweep the floors, do plumbing and carpentry work, mow the yard, plant
    and maintain flowers --- and, yes - they are those who pick up the disabled and bring them to lodge
    meetings, see to the transportation and other needs of the widows and others who are less fortunate for
    one reason or another. While talking about his idea, Brother Hanna was sitting in “the red chair” twiddling
    between his fingers a small golden trowel that was given to Brother Harvey's father-in-law several years
    ago when he purchased lots at a Dallas cemetery. The proverbial “light came on” and Brother Hanna said:
    “We can call it the “Golden Trowel Award.” That is the way it happened, and it has been carried forward ever

  •                                PALESTINE LODGE RECIPIENTS

    Elton E. "Bubba" Dean 
    Jiles "B" Upton

    J. Alvin Coleman

    H. G. "Dick" Broughton

    James Ray Currie

    Guy Eugene Kinder

    William W. "Bill" Rodgers

    Phillip Ray Fenton

    Richard Eugene Thornton Jr.
    Georgia Ray Smith

    Lubie Harmon Hanson Jr.
    Lorenzo Eldon "Cush" Reeves

    Jack Alvin Coleman Jr.

    Eads Blocker Blaser Jr.

    Larry Bruce Jung

    William Thomas Ashley

    David J. Dial

    Willis Calvin "Bo" Boedeker Jr.

    Ernest C. "Chip" Wolfe III

    Kenneth D. Talbot

    James Clyde Burgess

    James Kenneth Sansom

    Charles Lee Steen

    Roger Lee Baker

    M. David Brooks

    A. James Ashley

    William C. "Bill" Prell


    J. H. Haverkorn ........ 1992 - 1993
    Donald R. Wolfe ....... 1993 - 1994
    William W. Rodgers   1993 - 1994
    Fred Rodgers  ........... 1994 - 1995
    Jesus Roel Ruiz ......... 1995 - 1996